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Formed in 1988 by advanced development engineers. Dynasys designs, develops, manufactures, distributes, and resells a diverse range of products for the global supply chain. Dynasys sells bar code, magnetic swipe, OCR, RFID, and more data collection hardware, systems, and solutions. Visit one of our group's sites and then use our experienced, knowledgeable staff to help you select the equipment, system, and solution that's right for you.



New SeRFNet Tags.

demoDynasys completed field testing of its newest in-house product development in September of 2012. Our new SeRFNet active sensor RFID tags are designed for long battery life while collecting and transmitting its sensor input data via a dynamic mesh-like RF network. Tomas Grajales, Director of R&D, said "The feild tests were very successful, our new active RFID tag technology is positioned to address a diverse array of new remote data collection needs."

Updated: Jan. 2013


New Partnership

demo Dynasys is proud to announce a reseller partnership with Raztec Sensors. Raztec Sensors, located in Christchurch New Zealand, has been designing, manufacturing and supplying Hall Effect current transducers to some of the worlds most critical and demanding users since 1992.

Updated: Jan. 2013


New Office Location

demoEffective October 1, 2014 - Dynasys relocated its main office facility to a new location at 28870 U.S. Hwy. 19 N., Suite 348 in Clearwater Florida. Bobby Burkett, CEO said "The new location is more centrally located to major business hubs and transportation and will allow Dynasys to better interface with our clients and vendors."

Updated: Oct. ,2014


Our mission since 1988 has been to provide the most efficient and cost effective automatic data collection technologies and system solutions based upon proven standard platforms that are at the forefront of technology and maintain the highest quality standards. This mission has allowed Dynasys to work with leading companies such as(*):

Abbot Laboratories

AC Neilsen

Baxter Healthcare

Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc.

Boar's Head Provisions


Campbell Soup Company

Defense Logistics Agency

Delta Airlines

Florida Department of State

Ford Motor Company

John Deere

Johns Hopkins University


Penn State University



Siemens Corporation

Storey Kenworthy Company

The Rockefeller University

Time Warner

Walt Disney Worldwide

Walt-Mart Stores Inc.


(*)Company's named on this list are not meant to imply in any way an endorsement for Dynasys Technologies by these named company's.


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